Issue #12 Autumn 2018

And finally...

Our aim was to create an online version of Different magazine which would still keep the personality of the printed piece but leverage all the great possibilites online can offer.

We've mixed the same great writing, photography and illustration we always feature, along with video and animation to bring each subject to life in ways that you can't achieve in print - the same spirit of creativity, bought to a new medium.

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The Different Magazine Team



Editor: Duncan Lamb


Creative Director: Yunus Shaikh

Design & Production: Mat Simpson, Lorraine Snell, Stefan Clark

Photography & Video

Photographers: Paul Harmer

Videographers: Gavin Dunt

Fonts Used:

Playfair Display, Source Sans Pro, Source Serif Pro, Hand of Sean Pro, Trend Sans, Bebas Neue, Yellowtail, Flova Square, Bree Serif

Apps Used:

Adobe CC

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